Sponsorship with the Parramatta Eels 2019

Vasco’s Charcoal Chicken opened in May 2018 in Parramatta. We were very excited about the Bankwest Stadium opening only a few minutes walk down the road. We knew that having such a world-class stadium so close to the shop, would bring a lot of business to the area and help the Parramatta Community and small businesses.

When we were approached to sponsor one of the players at the Parramatta Eels, we jumped at the chance. We believe being part of the community and giving back is important to the success of any business. Even though we were a young business in the area, we felt it was a great alignment for Vasco’s to be involved with the Parramatta Eels and the Bankwest Stadium. So we went for it!

What a privilege and pleasure it has been to sponsor Junior Paulo from the Parramatta Eels Number 10. Junior attended our 1 Year Celebration at Vasco’s with his teammate, rising star Maika Sivo. Shortly after that event Junior’s wife had her third baby, its also been great to meet his family and the rest of his teammates through the season.

We attended all the games at Bankwest, even traveling to Darwin to watch them play and win the game up there. It was very exciting for my husband, a long time Parra fan, to meet the legends whilst in Darwin and have the opportunity to hang out with them and hear their stories, Brett Kenny, Eric Groth Jnr, Peter Wynn, Mick Cronin and others.

It was amazing to see Junior have such a successful season with his whole team, we were cheering them on all season and we watched them come back from the wooden spoon last year, to the Semifinals, played at their home ground the Bankwest Stadium. It has breathed belief and hope back into every Parramatta fan and member.

Vasco’s is a family run business and we have been long-time Parramatta Eels fans for more than 2 Decades. We have seen lots of ups and many downs. This season was so exciting to see 26,000 members supporting the Parra Eels. And we have no doubt we will see that number grow in 2020, off the back of a successful 2019 season.

The Bankwest Stadium has become a game-changer for the Parramatta Community, and we love being part of that at Vasco’s

We recently announced that in  2020 Vasco’s Charcoal Chicken will be the New Sponsors of all the Parramatta members,  our logo will be on all the member’s packs and we will offer every member a 10% discount at Vasco’s whenever they bring in there members card. Vasco’s is looking forward to partnering again with the Parramatta Eels in 2020 and meeting as many fans and members along the way.

Don’t forget to come into Vasco’s with your member card and receive 10% off any purchase any day of the week.

We look forward to a great season with the Parramatta Eels in 2020, and fingers crossed maybe even win a Premiership!!!!

Go the Eels!!!!

See you at Vasco’s!

Angela Vassallo

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