Parramatta Eels Members Sponsorship

The NRL Football season for 2020 is about to begin. And Vasco’s Charcoal Chicken is so excited about our new sponsorship and alignment with the Parramatta Eels.

Parramatta Eels

It was a great pleasure to sponsor Number 10 Junior Paulo last season, we cheered him on every game, and he had an awesome season with the team. However, this year we are going big and decided to sponsor all the Parramatta Eels Members / Blue and Gold Army!

Vasco’s Charcoal Chicken is a family-run business and we have been long-time, die-hard fans and members ourselves. As fans, we exactly know how you feel. Just like you, we have cheered with joy whenever they win, and also felt every disappointment with you too. We understand what being a true Parramatta Eels fan really feels like. We believe, as I’m sure you do, that the time has come for the Parramatta Eels to WIN!

With the state of the Art new Bankwest Stadium in the middle of Parramatta, which is so close to Vasco’s, we want to get involved and connect more with the blue and gold army. A part of our sponsorship is offering every member 10% OFF at Vasco’s any day of the week as a benefit for being a member.

Parramatta Eels

And the fun doesn’t end there! We will also be having appearance days through the season with the Players, wherein fans and members can come to Vasco’s to meet and greet their favourite players while also enjoying our meals.

Our dedicated team want to share in the experience of the season with the fans and create a great environment for lunch or dinner before or after the games. From the meals, the venue proximity and feel-good ambience, name it, we have the perfect place for you to enjoy your game days.

The Blue and Gold has already broken all records and has exceeded 26,500 members. The goal to hit 30,000for the season is so close! I have no doubt they will achieve this.

We are regularly catering for the players with our famous Vasco’s chicken and salads (no chips) to the training grounds. I am certain that this has given them plenty of energy for all the hard training they have been doing since the pre-season.

We are looking forward to sharing our experience as the members sponsor with you all through the 2020 season. And we wish the Parramatta Eels all the success in the world. It’s time to bring home that Premiership! Go the Eels, the Blue and Gold Army are right behind you!!

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