10 Different Types of Chips You Probably Don’t Know Yet

Are you one of those people who love a hot chip? Yes?

Well, if you love hot chips, you should know by now that there are many different types of chips out there.


Here is the story about how we found out more about the types of chips around the world:

When Vasco’s Charcoal Chicken first opened up in Parramatta, there was a rep who spoke to us about the type of chip that he sells. This rep was probably the most passionate person when it comes to chips, as he shared many of his knowledge about them. It was an eye-opening experience to understand the studies and research this rep has gone into a hot chip.

Many of us were made to believe that French fries must be a long, thin chip.

BUT it is not the case.

Turns out, chips come in different sizes and shapes – just like their flavours!

You probably have tasted these most common types of French fries on restaurants or when you ordered a food delivery. You just don’t know how they are called and how they are different from the other types.

10 most common types of French fries

1. Standard Cut Fries

This is the typical French fries you order in McDonald’s and in most fast food chains.

Potatoes cut evenly into medium thin sizes and are fried only once. When you talk about French fries, this will always be the first thing that people will think of.

2. Waffle Fries

Waffle fries are potatoes cut on a special corrugated sliver. However, cutting the potatoes is not as easy as it seems. It should be created by quarter turning the potato before it goes to the slicer. This gives the potato that “criss-cross” shape once it slides out.

3. Curly Fries

This type is made by using a specialised cutter, creating a long thin spiral. Thus the curly or spring-like aesthetics.

4. Shoestring

Also known as Matchstick Fries.

Shoestring fries are cut in long, thin pieces. They are typically the same as the standard fries… only way thinner. Due to this way of cutting, they look like shoe strings. Hence its name.

5. Steak Fries

These are thick-cut fries, which are bigger and wider than the usual fries we see. It is also cooked with the skin on it, usually by frying or baking. Although they are thicker and often have the most stuffed filling, they are less crunchy.

types of chips

6. Potato Wedges

These are large fries with wedge-shaped aesthetics. Also called Jojo Potatoes in some places. These potatoes are often baked than fried.

7. Chips

The typical British term for French Fries (which we have adapted too!) These are thicker and shorter than the standard fries; but smaller and thinner than steak fries. Chips should be served hot and crunchy.

8. Sweet Potato Fries

This is basically made from sweet potatoes, instead of your usual potatoes – which means, it is slightly sweeter than your usual fries. It comes with various sizes – from standard cut up to larger sizes.

9. Crinkle Cut

This type of fries is similarly cut like the Waffle Fries. However, no turning is needed for this. It looks like crinkled-looking chips. And for some, those crinkle looks like tiny waves.

10. Potato Tornado

This tornado-like spiral-cut potato on a stick is commonly seen in Asian countries as a street food delight. Just think of potato tornado as chips on a stick that tastes better when it’s crispy.

Our favourite type of fries

At Vasco’s, we prefer to serve chips to our customers not because they are commonly served in Australia.

We preferred to use the studies by the rep we met, which focuses on what type and size of hot chip people would love. More people are moving towards a fatter, shorter chip. The chips that we serve are healthier but have a crunchier and fluffier potato taste you’ll love!

How to know that my chip is the best

When the chip served on your table is crunchy and considered as an A-grade, then you are getting the best chip!

The best chips are encrusted in a unique, super crunch coating. It offers incredible taste and crunch. They not only taste better, they’re also hotter for longer hours – which is great if you’re having a takeaway or home delivery. Nobody likes a meal with a soggy, cold chip.

Another great point about our chips are:

  • chips can be reheated the next day
  • the crunchiness and crispness last longer

At Vasco’s, we make sure that we serve you only the best food – so you get your money’s worth while enjoying a great meal! Come and visit us to try the best chips in Parramatta.

See you soon!

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