You probably have seen shops around Parramatta, like Vasco’s Charcoal Chicken, priding themselves in offering free-range chickens to everyone.

But why do these chicken shops keep on emphasizing this fact? What makes it better in the first place?

Let’s dig deeper on to this topic.

It is common knowledge that chickens provide plenty of health benefits. Chicken is one of the staple foods we consume daily. Simply put, it is the most common poultry type.

In a way, technology has changed the classifications of chickens. There are organic, conventional, and there is the free-range one. Their breeding basically makes the difference.

What does ‘free range chicken’ mean? And why should I start eating it more often?

Free range is a farming method which lets the chickens walk freely within an area. They are not confined in one container. If you are imagining a brood of chickens roaming around on the range, then that’s what exactly free range is.

These chickens are not caged, have access to roam in well-fenced areas outside.

This method gives them Vitamin D from the sun – which they need to improve their health, as well as boosting happiness. In addition, chickens that are required with antibiotics are removed and not sold as free-range chickens.

Because we only offer you free range chicken dishes, we are also providing you with these added benefits you will enjoy:

1. Good Source of Protein

Protein is an important nutrient to our body. Referred to as the building block of life, it helps our muscles to generate and repair tissues. Protein makes it easier for us to heal wounds. This nutrient is crucial as well for pregnancy and a child’s growth due to these factors.

A chicken breast from a free-range chicken can supply more than 50% of the body’s daily protein needs.


2. Richer source of other Vitamins and Minerals

Chickens that are free to roam around have more amount of other vitamins and minerals like Vitamins B, D, A, Potassium, and Sodium. These nutrients are commonly found in conventional chickens.

3. They produce better eggs

Do you like eggs for your breakfast? Do you prefer it sunny side up, scrambled or boiled? Whatever your preference is, here is an important fact you need to know about this popular staple poultry product.


Free range hens produce healthier eggs than the rest. According to, eggs from free-range hens contain: ⅓ less cholesterol, ¼ less saturated fat, ⅔ more vitamin A, 2 times more omega-3, 3 times more vitamin E, 7 times more beta-carotene.

Most importantly, they are usually a bit bigger in size than normal eggs.

4. It can potentially save you bucks

Because they roam freely, they provide you with nutrients found in grubs, berries, and greens – since these chickens can acquire them easily and freshly.

If you are planning to raise your own chickens, you can save some bucks because they are free to eat the foods around their range.

5. Pest and bug control

Free range chickens tend to eat bugs and pest in the surrounding areas – free of charge!

One thing to keep in mind: limit those chickens towards your vegetable gardens. Remember that they can eat anything, especially the greens around their areas.

Watch out for your vegetation as it might be their next target.

6. They produce fat-free meat

Some chickens in the market produce more fat in their muscles and skin because of artificial supplements and growth hormones.

This cause the chickens to shrink while cooking. This can also give you artificial fats, consumed when eating.

charcoal chicken

Free range chickens do not need these artificial supplements and growth hormones to look and stay big, therefore the meat they produce is healthier and safer for humans to consume.

With these benefits, free-range chickens come in larger portions and sizes when served. Each part is sumptuous and healthy-looking compared with usually caged chickens. There are no artificial ingredients – it is only organic.

Benefits of free range chicken facts sheet:

free range chicken benefits facts sheet


I want to raise free range chickens. How?

One of the best practices chicken farmers do is yarding up chickens.

Keep in mind that it is still different from caging them since they are not enclosed in tight spaces. They have a broader land to roam around. As long as it is fenced properly, you have full control over their activities.

The good thing in yarding up chickens is they are in a single location. You are not compromising their freedom to stay healthy… and happy!

Ever wonder why people love free range chicken dishes?

True free-range chickens are not caged or forced to live on top of each other in cages. Just like it was in 1497, Vasco De Gama, he was free to roam. Therefore, free-range chickens are the healthiest and better for you and your health.

Many people have come back to us, wanting more of our free range chicken menu. If you are still wondering, here is a special video for you to watch:

We make sure Vasco’s that everyone meals are the same size and people feel that are getting their value for their money. It’s not just a matter of cooking the chicken over the charcoal. At Vasco’s, it’s a two-day process before cooking and serving our chickens to our customers. That’s where the unique taste and flavour of our marination comes to life and gives you that succulent, sticky, salty and mouth-watering taste.
Angela Vassallo, Owner and founder of Vasco’s Charcoal Chicken

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