Why Vasco’s


Our favourite things in life once discovered are to be enjoyed and shared with others. We believe to do so is the meaning of life. Centuries ago, the famous Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama devoted his life to discovering places and things to advance mankind. His sense of adventure was matched by his sense of flavour and pioneered the introduction of chillies to Portugal which created the basis for our Vasco’s Famous Peri Peri and Chilli Sauces. We offer Peri Peri or Chilli Sauce with our FREE RANGE chickens. At Vasco’s we have a special marination process, and our chickens are Bigger, Juicier and Tastier, and of course, our chickens are free range, not caged, just like Vasco Da Gama free to Roam. Vasco’s Chargrill Chicken Discovered 1497.

Sources: https://exploration.marinersmuseum.org/subject/vasco-da-gama/ || https://twitter.com/britannica/status/1016007777171406853



Hi, I’m Angela Vassallo the owner and creator of the Brand Vasco’s Chargrill Chicken. As an Entrepreneur and Business Woman, I have always been passionate about building a family business and creating a product that people would love. I have had a varied background as a Business Coach, Public Speaker and  wrote a book about my experiences in a Blended family and step parenting to help other women in the same situation as myself. “The Second Wives’ Guide” is a book I’m proud of, it has helped women in Australia and all around the World to create Peace and Harmony in their Blended Families.

The last few years I have been building our business and brand at Vasco’s, bringing amazing tasting Free Range Chicken to the Community. My Journey has led me down the path of Hospitality and Chicken Restaurants. I believe that nothing beats great chicken. Big part of our brand was to have Free Range Chicken, Premium A grade chips, fresh salads, Gourmet Burgers and a great family environment with awesome customer service.

At Vasco’s we believe in Freedom, just like Vasco Da Gama the famous Portuguese Explorer who was Free to roam. We also believe in sharing this opportunity with others to allow them to build their own business, and create Freedom through our Franchise Model at Vasco’s. We encourage you to Discover us, Enjoy our food and Share with your family and friends! 

See you at Vasco’s



Hi, my name is Jack Vassallo, I am the manager at Vasco’s. I believe my purpose in life is to bring joy through great food and a great customer experience. Hospitality has been a great way to share this with others. I have a background in customer service, and I have been a successful  sales consultant in my career. During the last few years Vasco’s has allowed me to  develop as a leader and business person and help create a strong Brand that is growing from strength to strength. 

Vasco’s is a family run business and I’m grateful to have been there from the beginning, it’s been amazing to watch it grow, it has helped me grow in the field that I love and develop as a leader for our team. We’ve been able to develop an amazing culture at Vasco’s, and I believe that shows through our food that we offer at Vasco’s.

I love tasty, homely, family style food and that’s what we specialise in at Vasco’s. Nothing beats great tasting chicken, it brings families together, it always leaves you with great satisfaction and wanting more. 

I believe in what we stand for “Discover Enjoy Share” and can’t wait to share our food with you. See you soon.