Many people have asked, why we use charcoal to cook our chickens instead of gas or electricity and what are the benefits of cooking charcoal as opposed to other forms of cooking?

Well firstly, our business name is Vasco’s Charcoal Chicken. It’s important to keep our integrity in the way we cook our chickens. Cooking chicken with charcoal means that it’s directly over the pure heat sauce.

The charcoal has many benefits. These are three main reasons why:

  • better tasting
  • healthier option
  • authentic way of cooking the flavour

Everybody loves that authentic smoky aroma that you can only get from cooking on charcoal. When people walk in, they say how much they love the smell of the chicken cooking that just can’t be achieved when cooking with gas or electric grills. This process is a much healthier option as well.

These days, everyone is about eating healthier, more protein, and looking for ways to cut back on their fat content. Through this process, all the fats and their oils are able to drip away onto the charcoal which creates a gorgeous aroma that infuses back into the chickens. Not only are you getting a succulent free-range chicken, it tastes amazing and it’s good for you too.

At Vasco’s we only use the best and quality pure wood charcoal. This charcoal does not contain any chemicals, meaning, the chooks are cooked over a clean heat. This allows the flavour in the marinade to be the hero in the process.

Cooking with a natural product, like charcoal, has been done by men since the dawn of time.

It’s a traditional way and has been for centuries – just like our pioneering friend, Vasco de Gama

Hope that explains why cooking our chickens with charcoal is the best way and why our chickens are so tasty. I look forward to seeing you at Vasco’s. Bye for now!